When you’re ready to sell your business or transfer ownership to family members or others, we’ll help you develop the most effective transition plan. You’ve given yourself to your business—now let it give back to you. We’re here to help.

Selling a business?

1. How do you assemble the most effective advisory team?
2. How can you set realistic expectations for the value of your business?
3. How can you best position your business, infrastructure and operations to appeal to buyers?
4. How can you establish a marketing plan that will showcase every positive aspect and maximize your success?
5. How should you communicate your business’ profit potential—and opportunities for growth?

Need assistance with exit planning?

1. How should you assemble the best planning team?
2. How do you prepare your company for sale?
3. How do you accurately value your company?
4. How do you establish the exit goals for each owner?

Transferring ownership to family members, buying out management or another business partner?

1. Is the proper CEO already in-house—or do you need to seek a candidate outside the company?
2. Is the CEO candidate mature enough and command the respect of employees?
3. Is adequate financing in place for the transfer of ownership?

Employee Stock Option Plans

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