Entrepreneurs Are Guilty!

What are entrepreneurs guilty of? Generally, the lack of:

  • Planning
  • Control
  • Systemizing
  • Leadership

Generally, entrepreneurs have really good ideas but do not understand how to implement them into practice and build a business around the ideas. Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs and business owners do not seek out the proper help to build a business plan and have the proper solutions to the various components of what makes up the business plan. Too many ideas fail because the proper attention is not given to the basics of business plans that give a business a blueprint to potentially achieve success. The business plan addresses how to implement the plan and includes components of the plan, such as:

  • Who the customers are to be targeted
  • Marketing techniques
  • Geographic area to be served
  • A financial plan
  • The product or service
    • What it is
    • How it will be manufactured or delivered
    • Supply chain
  • May other components

The point here is that planning is needed to achieve success. Control, systemizing and readership are also other components of the business plan that need to be addressed and will add to shareholder value – isn’t that what you knock yourself out every day?


This is a perfect time of the year to be planning for 2015. Have you set your goals for 2015 yet? Now is the time to do it!