Entrepreneurs will generally go into business because:

  • They have good ideas that can be turned into money making ideas and form their own brand.
  • In some cases have job security and be their own boss which gives them control over their own destiny and a feeling of independence.
  • In some cases, it is an ego trip. The owner gets a greater feeling of self-satisfaction seeing their idea or vision being offered to others and building an organization that is dependent on them.
  • It is a chance to introduce a product or service that will help change the world. It may be a new invention or re-invention of an existing product or service with a better slant of product development or service delivery.

However, many entrepreneurs become entrepreneurs for independence and the big payoff (to make money). Unfortunately, too many find because they fail to have a plan and in a lot of cases, a well thought-out business plan. See our download section for a Business Plan Outline.

The business plan outline takes you through a number of areas and all disciplines of the business to make a business successful. The outline asks questions that will make you think through and address issues that exist in order to make you successful. Therefore, you are making more intelligent decisions than using intuition to make decisions. This is not to say that intuition is bad and should not be part of the decision making process but decision making needs to be fact-based. It is imperative that you identify reliable data resources when you accumulate information to build your plan. I would suggest you do a lot of research but also have an advisory that is experienced in building business plans that can direct you in the right direction to gather information.

Please, if you take anything away from our website, download the Business Plan Outline to help you layout a “blueprint” for your business.